Understanding Women Investors

Trends suggest the differences between how men and women invest can be advantageous. Studies have shown women take fewer investment risks than men and earn 12% higher returns on individual investments.

An Enormous Opportunity

Women control 51% of personal wealth in the U.S.
Global private wealth held by women is estimated to be $72 trillion by 2020.
Women represent 45.85% of the U.S. workforce.
Women own 30% of U.S. private businesses.
Women are the primary income source of 40% of U.S. households.

Recognizing Workplace Realities

Median Salary
Women's median earnings are only 81% of median earnings for men.
Managerial Positions

Women hold 38% of managerial positions versus 62% for men.

Considering Other Factors

  • Women tend to spend more time out of the workforce, which translates to fewer Social Security contributions and overall fewer assets to save and invest.
  • Average life expectancy for women is over 81 years and continues to grow. While a longer lifespan is worth celebrating, it also means that women have to plan accordingly for more life and health care costs.

Focusing on the Future

84% of women are confident about managing a budget.
Women save at rates between 2% and 8% higher than men.
57% of U.S. undergrads and 59% of graduate students are women.
63% of millennial women are investing in their 20s.

Talking with a Financial Advisor

A trusted financial advisor offers so much more than just a portfolio of investments.
It's a relationship that can inspire greater confidence at every stage of your life.

Your advisor will:

Discuss your priorities and goals

Take into account your life circumstances

Work with you over time as your life and goals change